DISC Concludes with a training program for staff of the Iraqi parliament

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In conjunction with the opening of the Egyptian consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan Centre for the Development and Institutionalization  Support center ( DISC ) organized a  training program for the documentation staff  of Iraq’s parliament to develop their abilities to use technology in the documentation and management of important documents in collaboration with Democratic Institute International (OIP) in the framework of cooperation to raise the capacity of management performance of the Iraqi parliament.

And Mr./ Kamal Nabil the executive director of the Centre that the program start since 2007 with series of training programs in Turkey because of security conditions in Iraq there, and with the improved of the security situation there the training programs has been  transferred  to the city of Erbil  and the Center has helped the transfer of knowledge, skills and experiences that Egypt  have to the brothers in Iraq  and   the regional proximity  helped  to understand  the Iraq experience and ease of application by Egyptian trainer


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