Simultaneous Electronic Montoring of the Egyptian Election

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In light of the growing political movement these days in the Egyptian street on the occasion of the parliamentary elections in 2010 season also talking about the next president of Egypt and the Governing Bodies elections 2011 And claims of civil society organizations government guarantees of the integrity of elections and activating the guideline principles of democracy so the Development  and Institutionalization Support center (DISC) performs Simultaneous electronic surveillance of the Egyptian elections program (U Shahid) supporting the current trend in civil society organizations in the age of new media technology , The Mr. / Kamal Nabil Executive Director of the Center that the goal of this program is to support popular participation to the process of election monitoring by the codification of personal observations by what they saw during the electoral process through easy and available  means to majority of  the society, and these observations are collected on the fly and putting them on a simplified electronic map available on the Internet at the same moment of sending and name this Technology “Ushahidi”, a Swahili word meaning witness and This system has been established in Kenya in 2007 and after seeing the light many countries and organizations raced to apply This system has been applied effectively in a number of countries in the world and also in a number of important emplace a crisis Mexican Influenza “pigs” and also in the disaster in Haiti and also used by Al-Jazeera in monitoring the violations of humanity during the war in Gaza.

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