Global Media Monitoring Day “GMMD” – WACC

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DISC had participated at the fourth Global Media Monitoring Project, which was launched around the world at November 10th, 2009 in over 110 countries around the world! DISC has utilized its media production unit to achieve the best results of the monitoring process. Besides other organizations, DISC represented the Middle East and North Africa region.

This unique project studies the representation of women and men in the news. It began fifteen years ago, when people in more than 70 countries round the world monitored their news media on 18 January 1995. In November 2009 DISC’s media monitors participated in this massive, global effort to collect data on selected indicators of gender in their local news media. The media monitoring takes place this year in order to publish the results in time for key global processes scheduled for 2010, including the Beijing +15 review and the Millennium Development Goals Review Summit. It brings together advocates, activists and researchers in an extraordinary global network, dedicated to documenting and changing patterns of portrayal in the news.

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